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Who is Insured Local?

Insured local is a company that was founded on the simple principle of helping people build their worlds. We’re all about you. 


We are an independent company with the opportunity to shop multiple insurers to make sure we get you the right price for the right coverage for your situation. 

Why I’ve personally gotten my insurance quoted through Insured Local – and why you should too. 

Insured Local is built around the relationship – we always want you to know who you’re working with. We are the local presence you’ve always wished you had – that someone who know the business and has the connections. 


Representatives at Insured Local are not there to sell you on anything. We are there to maintain the relationship and make sure that your needs are met, so you can be happy and confident in the coverage you’re getting. 


We only use insurance companies rated A+ or higher, so you can be sure you are getting quality coverage every time. And by stepping into that gap for you, we take out the guess work and the uncertainty in choosing an insurer.

Why represent Insured Local  

If you decide to trust us with your insurance, why not think about becoming a part of our team? When you choose to join Insured Local, you are choosing to build yourself, your skillset, and your income. As a representative you get a percentage of every single policy you sign up – and you continue earning that as long as we keep the business. Every time you bring someone else into our family, you are investing directly in your future. 


Don’t think of yourself as a sales person. State law requires people to have insurance, so you are not trying to sell a commodity. You are helping people improve their lives by simplifying their choices, saving them money, and getting them better coverage. 


  • It’s the easiest way to start your own business 

According to statistics, 70% of millennials have thought of starting their own business. Cost and time are usually two of the main reasons they don’t. Don’t let those stop you anymore! 


With Insured Local your initial investment is only the cost of taking the insurance licensing test and passing the proctored exam. After your licensing, you have no startup costs, no overhead and no financial obligations. 


We take care of the hard stuff. We’ll manage the policy writing, the service, the adding and changes to policies. You are just there to help people find a better life by giving them the best, simplest risk management solutions possible. 


  • Your time commitment is up to you 

You might think “I don’t have time for a side business!” The beauty of Insured Local is that it is entirely self-directed. From the internet-driven licensing at the beginning, everything can be done at your own pace, around your work and time schedule. 


Only have evenings and one weekend day? You can make that work! Get licensed over your lunch breaks; start bringing in clients on your weekends. Because Insured Local handles all the daily maintenance on accounts, once you start signing up clients, all you have to do is collect your income!  And that is.... 


  • The power of residual income. 

Most people say they understand residual income without really grasping the capacity it has to change your world and improve your life. With Insured Local, you can bring in income through giving clients the best quotes on their insurance, and through bringing in other representatives. As you bring people onto your team you get a commission on every sale they make. 


When you start training them to go out and build a team of their own, your team gets even bigger – with everyone earning income from helping families save money. Want to get to enough residual income to pay off your mortgage every month? We can help you do that.  


  • Your success is based entirely on your investment. 

At Insured Local, everyone starts from a level playing platform. Because we’re not set up like other commission-based enterprises, the percentage cuts you earn from clients only go back 2 levels, giving everyone the same chance to earn as much residual income as the effort they put in. 


We’ll train you to recruit and build a team. After that your ambition is your only ceiling. You’ll get the same percentage of money in as people who might have been with us for years. Remember that the money you make from each new client is essentially a finder’s fee that you’ll keep getting paid as long as they keep their insurance with us.

Baseline strategies for success 

When you join Insured Local, you’ll get step-by step guides to reach whatever goals you set for yourself. We’ll give you the tools for success. Studies show that most families’ lives would be changed by $500 a month – enough to pay off your bills and take that off your mind.

Once you’re comfortably making $500 a month, check with us for the game plan to adding another $1000 on to that. Imagine life with $1500 more every month. Then imagine more. With Insured Local, there are no limits. 

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