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Insurance for your

Guns, Knives & Accessories

We offer a full arsenal of protection for your guns, knives and accessories because objects like these demand a special understanding of their unique status and the needs of those who collect them. We can protect everything from antique to modern guns, knives and edged weapon collections of all sizes, including ammo, accessories and gun safes..

Comprehensive coverage

  • Accidental Breakage

  • ​Burglary

  • Fire

  • Natural Disasters

  • Theft

  • ​Other causes of loss, unless specifically excluded from the policy


No serial numbers required
You do not need to provide serial numbers in order to insure your collection.

Coverage at home and away

  • Travel –Transit coverage protects collectible property that is temporarily away from the scheduled location, subject to policy sublimit.​

  • Storage Facilities – For an additional premium, we offer optional insurance coverage for collectibles kept in a public storage facility.


​More affordable rates
Typically, you will pay less than it would cost to schedule the same items under a homeowners policy.

Less paperwork and red tape
Unlike homeowners insurance, we do not require a schedule or appraisal for most items; however, you are responsible for maintaining your own inventory for insurance purposes (in the event of loss). The only exceptions are individual items or sets valued over $25,000 apiece, which would have to be scheduled.

Prompt and personal claim service
As experienced specialists in collectibles, our adjusters understand their value and importance to you. That's why, should you have a claim, they make every effort to make sure it is settled as quickly and completely as possible.

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